LearnWorlds Review: All the Tools for Selling Online Courses

LearnWorlds offers engaging learning experiences with interactive videos, ebooks, assessments, certificates, surveys, and more.

LearnWorlds Review: All the Tools for Selling Online Courses


Although LearnWorlds offers superior video features and is the best choice if you need them, the other features can be found elsewhere for less money.

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What does LearnWorlds do?

LearnWorlds offers the ability to run most of your course business online. They have all the best features to allow you to focus on your online teaching and not on the elearning platform.

Can I host an online school on LearnWorlds?

You can host an online school on LearnWorlds, even on the Starter plan, because it offers the ability to create a webpage for your course catalog.

Getting Started on LearnWorlds

If you don't have a LearnWorlds account you can sign up for a free trial here: Get LearnWorlds

After you sign up you'll be greeted with a user-friendly welcome session to help you get started quickly.

LearnWorlds Welcome Session Part 1

The first thing you'll be asked is the name of your school.

LearnWorlds Welcome Session Part 2

Next, you'll be asked some questions about your location's language, currency, and timezone.

LearnWorlds Welcome Session Part 3

Next, you'll select a theme from your school from LearnWorld's numerous professionally-designed themes.

LearnWorlds Welcome Session Part 4

The final screen lets LearnWorlds know how you plan to use the platform so that they can provide you with the best customer services.


The Dashboard displays all of your school's significant events.

LearnWorlds Dashboard

You can see analytics about new sign-ups, revenue, product sales, active learners, and more here.

As you can see, there isn't any activity yet in the demo account I set up for this review.

Theme Explorer

LearnWorlds Theme Explorer

The Theme Explorer enables you to change the colors, typeface, buttons, and inputs on your site.

Create your pages

You're ready to build your school's pages after filling out the major custom pieces in the Theme Explorer (brand color, font families, etc).

LearnWorlds recommends that you start with the system's Home and After Login/Start pages.

LearnWorlds Edit Pages

I'm editing my home page here, which was automatically created for me when I signed up.

You only get three pages on the Starter plan, but all other plans offer unlimited pages.

Sell Online Courses On LearnWorlds

You can now begin to create and personalize your courses after you've created and customized your pages.

LearnWorlds recommends that you create your courses in three steps:

Create your course

You can create a course by clicking on the "Create Course" link at the top of the Dashboard, Courses section, or Course manager.

You'll be presented with LearnWorlds" Create Course Wizard once your course is created. This wizard guides you through course creation with an easy step-by-step process where you will:

Enter the name/title of your course

We've written a detailed article to help you choose your course name.

LearnWorlds Course Wizard Part 1

Determine the friendly URL/slug for your course.

The URL should be a slug that's easy for your students to remember or to identify if it shows up in search engines.

LearnWorlds Course Wizard Part 2

LearnWorlds does a great job picking a slug from your course title.

Choose the type of course.

LearnWorlds Course Wizard Part 3

LearnWorlds allows you to create several types of courses, including:

  • Paid courses where you can set the purchase price for your course.
  • Draft courses, which are hidden from the public while they are being developed.
  • Coming Soon courses, which are published to your online school, but are not yet available for purchase
  • Enrollment Closed courses, which allows you to limit the number of users enrolled in your course
  • Free, which do not allow payment (Pro Trainer plan or higher)
  • Private courses, which are only available to students that you enroll.

Set the course price

LearnWorlds Course Wizard Part 4

LearnWorlds offers the option to publish your course at a discount price in order to encourage more learners to purchase.

Upload a course image and add a course description

Your image should relate to your course, be attractive, and let students know what they are going to learn.

LearnWorlds Course Wizard Part 5

Your course description helps students know what your course is about. If used correctly as a marketing feature, it can be a powerful sales engine for your course.

Set the delivery method

LearnWorlds Course Wizard Part 6

Here is where you decide whether or not you want to drip feed your course.

Organize your course into sections

LearnWorlds Course Sections

Sections help you to better organize your course content. Sections can have a title and status. Sections are also important because they help you to control how you share your content.

Add learning activities

LearnWorlds Learning Activities

LearnWorlds supports many types of learning activities that will help your student to stay engaged in your course. These include:


LearnWorlds allows you to use the following multimedia types to support online learning.

LearnWorlds Video Activity

You can include a video that you already have or upload a new video to LearnWorlds. You can also use videos from Vimeo.com or Wistia.com.

LearnWorlds Ebook Activity

An ebook learning activity is a way to learn by reading. You can input or import text and present it using fun and interesting templates. Your students will enjoy the reading experience, as well as the highlighting and note-taking features.

LearnWorlds Pdf Activity

You can add Pdf files to your courses, such as presentations, worksheets, or books.

LearnWorlds YouTube Activity

You can add YouTube videos to your courses by using the YouTube embeddable code.

LearnWorlds SoundCloud Activity

You can include SoundCloud tracks in your courses by using the embeddable code.

LearnWorlds Audio Activity

This option allows you to include audio or sound files in your courses.

LearnWorlds SCORM Activity

LearnWorlds lets you upload SCORM or HTML5 Packages. (Pro Trainer plan or higher) Supported file types:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004 3rd Edition
  • Captivate CAM 1.3 zip package
  • HTML5
Live Meetings and Webinars using Zoom or Webex
LearnWorlds Live Meeting Activity

You can use this option to add and manage Zoom or Webex meetings and webinars. (Pro Trainer plan or higher)

LearnWorlds gives the ability to add multiple Zoom or Webex accounts in the Learning center plan or higher.


These allow you to assess the course progress of your learners.

LearnWorlds Quiz Activity

The LearnWorlds quiz is designed to help your students assess their own progress. It has multiple-choice and true/false questions. After they finish the quiz, they will get feedback for their answers. However, this quiz is not a formal exam and they will not get a score.

LearnWorlds Exam Activity

You can create any kind of graded test by managing settings like the duration of the test, the number of questions, the maximum number of tries, and the passing grade.

LearnWorlds Assignment Activity

Assignments are questions for your students to answer by writing a paragraph of text that is manually graded by the instructor.

File Assignment
LearnWorlds File Assignment Activity

File assignments are just like the Assignments explained above, but students upload their files instead of typing text on the website. (Pro Trainer plan or higher)


The Form Learning Activity is a way to create surveys for your courses. You can ask your users questions about the course.

LearnWorlds Form Activity

This tool can be used to create a simple landing page for lead capture.

The school admin can look at the user responses later. (Pro Trainer plan or higher)

Graded SCORM package
LearnWorlds Graded SCORM  Activity

Graded SCORM packages are a way to measure how well students are doing in SCORM activities. This information is then added to the Gradebook. (Pro Trainer plan or higher)


LearnWorlds allows you to award certificates to your students upon completion of the entire course or a test.

LearnWorlds Certificate Activity

Certificates are tests that users can pass to get a PDF certificate file.

Certificate of completion
LearnWorlds Certificate of Completion Activity

Certificates of completion are given to students who have finished a course. They either visited all the learning activities or they passed all the tests.


LearnWorlds Embed Activity

Embedding is a feature that allows you to include different types of online content in your courses, such as Google Forms and presentations.

LearnWorlds Embed Activity Options
LearnWorlds SlideShare Activity

If you want to include a presentation in your course, you can use the embeddable code from Slideshare.

LearnWorlds External Link

This option will allow you to include web pages as sources for your courses.

Set Up Your Payment Gateways

To get money for your courses, you must connect your LearnWorlds site to a payment gateway.

LearnWorlds Payment Gateways

LearnWorlds supports the following gateways:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Shopify
  • PagSeguro (Brazil)

If you want to use another payment gateway, you can accept payments outside of the LearnWorlds platform and then manually enroll your new students each time you see an incoming payment.

Interactive videos

Many adjustable features allow you to customize how students can interact with the videos that you have uploaded to the LearnWorlds video library.

LearnWorlds' video platform has much more advanced features than the typical learning management system.

The Video Editor is a powerful tool that enables you to add things to your videos and turn them into an engaging one-of-a-kind experience.

The video editor allows you to add the following features:

Texts & images

LearnWorlds Video Custom Text

You can add text or an image to your videos. There are many different templates to choose from. You can also customize the appearance and behavior of your videos by using the settings panel.

I know the text I added in the example above isn't pretty, but my goal was to show you the feature, not show off my design skills.


LearnWorlds Video Interaction

You can add buttons, offers, questions, or even an embed code in your video. I like to think of it as a call-to-action button embedded on top of your video.

Table of contents

You can make a table of contents for your videos. This will help people find the videos they want to watch. You can also put headings in your videos so that people can see what the video is about before they watch it.

LearnWorlds Video Table of Contents

In case you're wondering, I'm using a sample video from Envato Elements.


LearnWorlds Video Thumbnails

To select the thumbnail, upload an image that best represents your video, or choose from one of the frames available from the video itself.

Keep in mind that this feature is only available if you use LearnWorlds for your videos instead of Vimeo or Wistia.


LearnWorlds Subtitles

There are a lot of reasons why subtitles are important. People from different countries and who speak different languages can use them. People who can't hear can still understand what is being said.

You can add subtitles by uploading a .srt file or they can be automatically generated. (Autogeneration is available in the Learning Center plan and higher).

Interactive transcript

LearnWorlds Video Transcript

You don't have to write the transcription. The Video Editor will take care of it for you. After it's finished, you may modify the text if desired or download the transcript.


LearnWorlds Video Watermark

You may add your school's logo, or the student's name, email address, or ID to the video. This is simple to do in your Copyright Protection settings.

Player Skin

LearnWorlds Video Skin

You may customize your player's look with different skins based on your school's appearance and feel.

Video Stats

LearnWorlds Video Stats

You can use video statistics to analyze user interaction, views, and audience statistics in order to fine-tune and expand your material even further. Keep in mind that these learner analytics are only available if you use LearnWorlds for your videos instead of Vimeo or Wistia.

Built-in Community

Some learning experts believe that the most essential tool you'll need in launching a new company or product is a social community where your customers can interact with each other.

Making your students feel like part of a community where they may chat, get help, or simply stay up to date on school news can be really advantageous.

LearnWorlds Community

LearnWorlds includes a built-in social network page where you may enable your student community and encourage your learners to connect and interact with others.


LearnWorlds Gamifications

Third-Party Integrations

Integrating with third-party apps can help you automate tasks between LearnWorlds and the other services you use.

You can have LearnWorlds integrate with the following applications:


LearnWorlds Integrations Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Facebook Pixel
  • LinkedIn Insight Tag

Customer Service

LearnWorlds Integrations Customer Services
  • Freshdesk
  • ZenDesk
  • Olark
  • Tawk

Email Marketing

LearnWorlds Integrations Email Marketing

Growth Tools

LearnWorlds Integrations Growh Tools
  • Google Verification
  • Intercom
  • Sumo
  • HubSpot

Live Sessions

LearnWorlds Integrations Live Sessions
  • Zoom
  • Webex

Social Proof

LearnWorlds Integrations Social Proof
  • FOMO

Other Tools

Some tools allow embedding into other websites. LearnWorlds supports the embedding of any embeddable tool, and also allows integrations with Zapier (any plan) or Webhooks (Learning Center plan or higher).

  • Keap Max Classic (Formerly Infusionsoft) through Zapier
  • GetResponse through Zapier
  • Constant Contact through Zapier
  • ProveSource through embed code
  • EventBrite through embed code
  • Google Calendar through Zapier
  • Facebook Domain Verification through meta tag
  • Facebook Messenger through embedded chat plugin

Affiliate Program Management

LearnWorlds provides a built-in affiliate program management tool so you can get more web traffic, leads, and sales without having to buy another course tool.

LearnWorlds Affiliate Management is a tool that lets you start an affiliate program without having to spend time on it. (Pro Trainer plan or higher)

LearnWorlds Integrations Affiliates

If you'd like to use a third-party affiliate management tool, LearnWorlds integrates with Refersion and Referral Candy.

LearnWorlds Mobile App

LearnWorlds App

LearnWorlds provides a powerful and easy-to-use white-label solution to build your own mobile app for iOS and Android.

You can add notifications to keep your learners coming back as well as in-app purchases for a seamless buying experience. (Learning Center plan or higher, requires an additional fee)

Keep in mind that your students can still access your course on their mobile devices even if you do not opt to create a mobile app.

LearnWorlds Review: The Bottom Line

LearnWorlds delivers a user-friendly learning environment where you can host your own online courses, professional development offerings, or even offer corporate training for small businesses.

The LearnWorlds site builder is very easy to use and its user interface gives a great customer experience.

Their video hosting offers unique features not offered on other platforms. Their agents provide good support, but their availability might be limited depending on the plan you choose.

LearnWorlds offers a free trial so you can test their features before even entering your payment information.


Although LearnWorlds offers superior video features and is the best choice if you need them, the other features can be found elsewhere for less money.

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