Mighty Networks Review: Build A Community for Your Learners

Mighty Networks allows you to build a business powered by a community. Your paid community can have access to online courses, events, and live streams.

Mighty Networks Review: Build A Community for Your Learners

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is great for building a community and would be our first choice if that was our primary goal, but their course features are behind and that's more important to us when rating course platforms.

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What can you do with Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks brings your online community, online courses, and website together under one social network that you control to build a thriving digital subscription business. You can run your own online club on this platform that offers content for members as well as access through apps available at their fingertips.

Features of Mighty Networks Courses

We typically review software that is focused on designing a great learning experience that sometimes has a community feature either built-in or available as a third-party addon.

Mighty Networks takes the opposite approach. They started with building an excellent online community membership system and then included a way to host your online class content that can be accessed by your members.

Thousands of creators have used third-party solutions like Facebook Groups as community hosting platforms. The big disadvantage of using free options like these is that you don't have complete control of your community.

Unlike Facebook, which was built to grow Facebook, your Mighty Network uses the principles of community design to help you grow your own network instead of bringing more customers to a social networking site.

Online communities are great and we typically recommend that most creators and entrepreneurs include them in their courses, but we prefer focussing on the content and course experience first and then adding a community on rather than adding courses onto a community experience.

The difference is subtle, but if you focus on the course platform first, you typically get a platform that can host better courses. If you focus on the community platform first you typically get a better community.

Since we've been in the online education industry for over a decade we think it's more important to look at the course platform first, but times have been changing and social networks keep growing so you might think that your class idea can really benefit from advanced community features. If that's you, you should join Mighty Networks so that your students can join a mighty community.

Keep in mind, though, that access to these mighty community features comes with a trade-off. Might Networks does give access to an online course builder, but the platform does not include features that are pretty much standard on competitors that focus on being an online course learning management system first.

You don't get a website where you can host your business, you don't get a built-in affiliate program to help you drive sales, and you can't give your students quizzes to assess their course progress or certificates when they finish the course.

But if you don't need any of those features and you would rather have a platform that allows your company to build thriving communities, then Mighty Networks could be the solution for your business.

Join Mighty Networks

To help you get started, you're presented with helpful resources when you first join Mighty Networks.

Mighty Networks Course Homepage

If you haven't joined yet, you can sign up for a Mighty Networks free trial to follow along and test the features yourself.

Mighty Networks Checklist

Mighty Networks also offers a checklist to help you set everything up. We won't be going through the entire checklist, but we wanted to let you know it's there.

Mighty Networks Course Platform

The online course platform is available for creators and entrepreneurs who subscribe to the Business Plan or above. This allows you to host your community and courses in one place.

You can add three different types of courses to your Mighty Network:

  1. A "Content-Only" Course. You can provide content and resources without a community or comments. This is created by disabling the Course Activity Feed.
  2. A Course with a Dedicated Community. This is the default course type. It includes both course resources and a course community.
  3. A "Live" Course. The course community is the most prominent feature of this layout. It's a fantastic approach to have a live course with a small group of students by adding course materials as you go. This is created by using the default course type and then adding content as students proceed through the course.

The Course Activity Feed is the place where you can post things for your course community. You have the same options as you do on your main Mighty Network: Quick Posts, Articles, Polls and Questions, Events, and Topics. But only people in your course can see it

As members/students join and participate in your course, they will see the activity in this feed, as well as their main Mighty Network feed.

How to Create a Course

Navigate to the "Courses" section of the main menu and then click on the Plus (+) button to create a new course. All new courses are set to secret so that your course is hidden until you're ready to launch it.

Mighty Networks Setup Courses

If you haven't created a course before you'll be presented with a wizard to quickly set up some general settings about your courses.

Mighty Setup Courses Name

You can call your courses something other than "courses" if you'd like, but we'll use the word "courses" through this review to avoid any confusion.

Mighty Networks Courses Setup

After you decide which word to use to call your courses you can create your first course.

The create course page contains a wizard that has three pages.

Mighty Networks Create Courses Create

The first page of the course creation process is where you choose your course title, tagline, and description. You'll also decide on your privacy level, branding, and other details.

Mighty Setup Courses Names

The second page of the wizard is where you can use a different word to call the Table of Contents, Lessons, or Sections. We actually prefer the word "modules" instead of "sections," but we'll keep it as "sections" for the demo to not add any confusion.

Mighty Networks Course Instructor

After that, you can modify what you want to call your Instructors on the final screen of the wizard by selecting Next from the drop-down menu.

We kept all of the defaults for the demo.

You'll be asked to choose one of three options once your course has been created:

  1. Charge for Access
  2. Invite People to Join
  3. View the Course
Mighty Networks Course Options

To add your Course Materials and change your Course Settings, go to "View the Course."

How to add materials to your online course on your Mighty Network

There are three types of content you can use to create your course:

Mighty Networks Course Materials
  • An Overview
  • Lessons
  • Sections
Mighty Networks Course Overview

Start by writing an overview of your class. This is a brief summary of the content and what students can expect to learn. You can use the pre-built template to create your overview or write it in your own words.

Then, at the bottom of the page, you'll see a box with different settings.

Mighty Networks Course Overview Settings

You can see if the Overview is visible or hidden. You can also see if the thumbnail image is the default or if you customized it. You can also decide whether to enable previewing.

After you may also continue to add your next lesson or section.

How to Add a Lesson To Your Mighty Network Online Course

A lesson in your Mighty Network is just like an article in your community (we'll discuss your community later in this review). You can add a video, photos, files, and embed widgets or software.

Mighty Networks Add Lesson

To add a lesson, go to the table of contents and click on "Add Lesson." This will create a new lesson on your Table of Contents Page. Click on the new lesson once it's created to customize and add content to your lesson.

Mighty Networks Edit Lesson

After you've saved a Lesson, you'll have the option to do one of the following:

  • Hide or Show it
  • Add a condition for unlocking (based on completing a lesson or the overview)
  • Add a completion button
  • Change the instructor
  • Edit the thumbnail
  • Choose to allow site visitors to preview the content for free

Supported Third-Party Embeds

Mighty Networks allows you to embed content from the following providers into your course lessons, community articles, or events:

Video: Mighty Networks hosts your videos, but you also have the option to embed videos from other providers.

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook Video
  • Searchie
  • Wistia
  • Loom
  • Dailymotion
  • Rutube

Audio: You can also embed audio content from the following providers into courses in your Mighty Network.

  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • Audioboom
  • Libsyn
  • Podbean
  • Flat

Additional Embeds: Online course creators can also include embeds from the following providers into their courses.

  • Typeform
  • Airtable
  • Google Maps
  • Google Slides

How to Add a Section To Your Mighty Network Online Course

A section contains lessons. Many course platforms refer to this as a "module" instead of a section, but you can also think of it as a chapter in a book that contains pages (which are like lessons).

When you add a new section, you'll be asked to add lessons and manage the section's settings.

Add a Section using the Table of Contents > Add A Section link.

Mighty Networks Add Section

Once you have created lessons and sections, you can continue to add new lessons and sections. To do this, click on the Table of Contents link in the menu.

Once you save a new section you can change the same options that we listed for the lessons above.

How to Change the Settings for Your Online Course

At any time, you may modify your Course Settings. Here's a brief rundown of some of your choices:

Mighty Networks Course Settings

Preview the Table of Contents

The Table of Contents includes all the Sections and Lessons in your course. People who are not yet in your course can view it. You can also let them preview specific Sections and Lessons to see what they will learn. This will help potential students decide if they want to take your course.

Mighty Networks Preview TOC

Privacy Settings

There are three privacy levels for your Course: secret, private, or paid. If you choose the paid level, people will have to pay to access your Course.

Remember that the privacy settings for your Mighty Network will determine who can see any public Courses or Groups. If your Mighty Network is private, for example, then the public Course will be seen only by people in that private Network.

If you want, you can choose to have only certain people invite others to your course. This is called having "Hosts and Moderators." The default is that everyone can invite other people.

Invite and Manage Course Members

Mighty Networks Invites

You can use the same capabilities you have to manage members in your primary Mighty Network. You can greet and message your users, as well as download a list of your course members.

Course Content Settings and Activity Feed

These are the settings that you choose for the activity feed in your course. The course materials are located in the main course, which you can access from the table of contents.

Mighty Networks Content Settings

Quick Posts are turned on by default, but all of the other features are not. You can turn them on if you want. You can use Articles, Polls, and Questions, as well as Events, Topics, and a Welcome/Featured Section for your course.

How to Charge For Your Courses

Mighty Networks integrates with the Stripe payment processor so you need a Stripe account in order to accept payments.

Mighty Networks Payment Settings

Mighty Network Pricing Options

There are three different types of pricing plans to choose for your Mighty Community:

  • One-Time Payment: To access everything in this Plan, one payment is all that's required. They will maintain access as long as they have an active membership with your Mighty Network. The minimum fee you must charge is $0.50.
  • Subscription: You can charge your members a monthly or annual subscription fee. This will allow them to keep using the benefits you offer them as long as they continue to pay for the subscription. We think it would be a good idea to offer a small discount if members subscribe for both monthly and annual plans because this way they would save more money and that will encourage them to pay you more money upfront.
  • Free: If someone is on a free plan, they will not be charged and can access the benefits of the plan at no cost. They will not need to provide payment information or fill in a credit card form. You can optionally add free trials to your paid plans. Free trials are a way for people to try out your membership plan without any charge. When someone signs up for a free trial, they'll be asked to provide their credit card information. However, they will not be charged until the free trial period is over.

All-In-One Mighty Community Platform

The most impressive feature of Mighty Networks is the community platform, which allows you to grow your online community on a platform that you control rather than existing social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Here are some of the features that the platform provides to your members:

You can choose to add a "Welcome Section" at the top of the Home Page/Activity Feed) so that all new members will see it. You can also choose to add a "Featured Section" for returning members.

The Featured and Welcome Sections are meant to be the most important (or "pinned") posts on your Mighty Network. You can add one or more Articles, Quick Posts, Polls, Questions, Events, Courses, and Groups to these sections.

Mighty Networks Welcome Section

When new people join, they will see a welcome section at the top of their Activity Feed. As more activity happens, the welcome section will move down the feed. The welcome section is a great way to give important information to your new members.

Mighty Networks Featured Section

The featured section will show the latest activity at the top of the Activity Feed. As new activity happens, it will be pushed down the feed. The featured section will show up at the top of the Activity Feed every day when people come back to your site. This is a great way to show new and fresh activities for your returning members.

Icebreaker Questions

The Icebreaker Question is the first thing people see when they join your Mighty Network. This question can help break the ice and get people to start contributing right away.

Mighty Networks Icebreaker Question

The secret to an effective Icebreaker Question is to make sure it's simple. The wonder is that once your members respond to an Icebreaker Question, they immediately start participating. New notifications are sent out as a result of their new answers, bringing people back for another look.

Mighty Community Content

You can add the following types of content as posts to your Mighty Community.

Mighty Networks Community Content
  • Quick Posts: You can use this to share a quick status update, or share an image, video, or embedded link. Think of it like a short social media status update.
  • Articles: You can add multiple images, embedded videos and media, and file attachments within one post. Think of them like rich blog posts. Articles support all of the embeddable content mentioned in the Courses section above.
  • Questions: These allow your members to share their answers to a specific question.
  • Polls: There are three different types of polls: a Multiple Choice Poll, "Hot Cold" Poll, and a "Percentage" Poll. These allow the host or other members to understand what the members feel about specific topics.
  • Events: There are four different event kinds to pick from: local events, live chats, live video events, and online meetings.
  • Topics: These aren't really types of posts, but a way of categorizing your posts so that they can be easily searched and filtered. All Member Chat
Mighty Networks Community Chat

The all-member chat feature allows you to chat with all the members of your Mighty Network, Group, or Course.

Member Categories

Mighty Networks Member Categories

You can use this feature to create groups of people who have something in common, like their job or field of expertise.

Schedule Live Events

There are several ways to have a virtual event for your members. You can go live in your Mighty Network using third-party services, or schedule Zoom meetings or webinars through the Mighty Network.

Mighty Networks Community Events

Mighty Networks includes features that allow you go go live without needing any additional software.

Mighty Networks Go Live

Mighty Networks also provides integration with Zoom so that webinars or meetings can be hosted directly within the Mighty Community.

However, if you'd like to have a live event on another third-party platform, your Mighty Network provides event scheduling functionality where your members can RSVP and you can provide your members with a link to the event at the appropriate time.

This functionality allows you to use just about any third-party event-hosting platform, but some popular ones among creators are:

  • GoToMeeting
  • GoToWebinar
  • Join.me
  • Google Meet
  • Crowdcast
  • YouTube Live
  • Vimeo Livestream

Unfortunately, the platform doesn't allow for you to charge for tickets for specific events. You can only provide events to your existing members. That means you can provide free events to your free members and paid events to your paid members.

Mighty Networks Premium Analytics

Analytics can assist you in making decisions. Your data may tell you who the most relevant members to contact are, as well as what types of posts and activities they enjoy the most. You'll also get a breakdown of how many people are in your community and which days and times they're logging in.

Mighty Networks Analytics

You can also see data about the impressions and clicks that each of your posts receives and the activity of each of your members. My new demo site has pretty weak stats 😀.


Mighty Networks Insights

If you have the Business plan or higher, you get access to advanced analytics and dashboards known as Insights. This is great if you want to use data to help you make decisions about your business.

Growth Features

The following features will help you to grow your online business.

Invite and Share your Network

The platform provides a way to invite members to your network. You can do this by uploading a csv file of your email contacts or by inviting members from an existing Facebook or LinkedIn group.

And if you're inviting users from a group on an existing social network, the platform gives you an easy way for them to transition and join your mighty community.

You can also use a share link to invite people to your group. This share link can even be changed to a custom domain so you can tell prospective members of your group to go to join.example.com instead of the default link provided by Mighty Networks.

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is a way for you to get existing members to refer new members to your Mighty Network.

Mighty Networks Ambassador Program

People who refer other people to your Mighty Network are called Ambassadors. They are recognized and can be rewarded for referring new people. The Ambassador Program is different from the Affiliate Program, which tracks and pays out referrals. The goal of the Ambassador Program is to encourage people to recommend members based on how useful they believe the Mighty Network is.

Facebook Pixel

If you have the Business Plan or above you can contact technical support to add your Facebook pixel to track referrals from Facebook.


Mighty Networks has built-in integrations for the following third-party services:

Mighty Networks Integrations
  • Google Analytics
  • Slack
  • Zapier

Mighty Networks: The Bottom Line

If you want to build an online learning business that's focussed on community first and courses second, then Mighty Networks is for you. You can host your communities on their membership platform and host courses for your students. The learning features are a bit watered down compared to other options, but that's the trade-off for the second-to-none community.If you want to build an online learning business that's focussed on community first and courses second, then Mighty Networks is for you. You can host your communities on their membership platform and host courses for your students. The learning features are a bit watered down compared to other options, but that's the trade-off for the second-to-none community.

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is great for building a community and would be our first choice if that was our primary goal, but their course features are behind and that's more important to us when rating course platforms.

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